Greyhound Adoption Groups In Australia

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Greyhound Adoption Groups In Australia

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:07 pm

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales
Greyhound Adoption Program NSW - Link
Friends of the Hound - Link
Greyhound Rescue - Link
Gumtree Greys - Link
Greyhound Rehoming NSW - Link
Greyhounds As Pets NSW - Link
Helen's Helping Hounds - Link

Greyhound Adoption Program VIC - Link
Greyhound Safety Net - Link
Amazing Greys - Link
Greyhound Rescue Victoria - Link
Gippsland Greyhounds - Link

Greyhound Adoption Program QLD - Link
Greyhounds New Beginnings - Link
Pinky's Hounds - Link
Greys 4 Pets - Link

Western Australia
Greyhound Adoption Program WA - Link
Greyhound Angels - Link

South Australia
Greyhound Adoption Program SA - Link
Greyhound Rescue SA - Link
Kennel 2 Couch  - Link

Greyhound Haven Tasmania- Link
Greyhound Adoption Program TAS - Link

Northern Territory
Greyhound Rehoming Association NT - Link

New Zealand
Southern Cross Greyhound Adoptions - Link
Greyhound Adoption Program NZ - Link
Homes 4 Hounds Inc. - Link
Southland Greyhound Adoption - Link

Know of a group not listed? Please post it below.
Please note that this list includes only greyhound specific rescues.
For other listings of greyhounds, please check PetRescue - Link or the RSPCA - Link

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