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Forum Rules and Information

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2016 5:52 pm

  • Pro/Anti racing discussion is allowed but personal attacks, inappropriate language or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
    Threads that devolve into name-calling or generally unpleasantness will be locked. Members who harass or attack other members will be given three warnings and then banned. Greyhound racing is an emotive issue and while we welcome discussion about it here, we don't want to referee arguments.

  • Please keep all pro/anti racing discussion in the appropriate area. Debates/discussions about racing started outside of this area may be moved or deleted.

  • Due to the issues with spam accounts, new accounts will require admin approval. To ensure your account is approved, please use a proper email address. If your account has not been approved within 7 days, please contact us at greyspaceforum [at]

  • No multiple or alt accounts. This does not apply to secondary accounts for rescue group members. For example, a member who has or accesses a rescue group account may also have a personal account.

  • Keep personal stuff off the forum. Do not post personal details of other members without their explicit consent. Do not drag in arguments from Facebook or other sites. If your post might be something that compromises another person's privacy, please re-consider posting it. Remember that you are responsible for the content you post.

  • Do not post defamatory material, pornographic material or graphic images that could be considered offensive (for example, dead or severely injured animals). The forum is open to all ages so please consider that when posting anything questionable.

  • Stay on topic. Please do not railroad threads. This especially applies to rescue threads.

  • Please do not crosspost threads. Duplicate threads are harder to keep track of and can lead to confusion.

  • Please do not post advertisements. Fundraising threads can be posted here and suggestions for shopping links can be posted in the appropriate thread here. Greyhounds looking for homes should be posted in the rescue section here. In future, we may look into paid advertisements on signatures or as topics (with funds going to rescues) but for the meantime, we ask that the rules above be followed.


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