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    How to contribute an article

    • Pick a topic not already covered.
    • Type up article in Microsoft Word.
    • Make sure formatting is correct as it will be directly copied.
    • Include who you want the article attributed to.
    • Please do not copy/paste other peoples' articles without obtaining written permission from the author.
    • Email completed articles to greyspaceforum [at]

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    1 - Pastern (front/rear)
    2 - Hock
    3 - Stifle joint
    4 - Elbow
    5 - Muzzle
    6 - Stop
    7 - Wither
    8 - Ears
    9 - Neck
    10 - Shoulder
    11 - Back
    12 - Loin
    13 - Croup
    14 - Buttocks
    15 - Wrist
    16 - Prosternum
    17 - Chest
    18 - Flank
    19 - Feet
    20 - Forearm

    Blood values
    RBC = Red Blood Cells
    Hgb = Hemoglobin
    PCV/HCT = Packed Cell Volume/Hematocrit
    WBC = White...

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    Greyhound weights can vary very widely (especially between males and females) so it can seem difficult to estimate the correct weight for your dog.
    Generally speaking, most greyhounds weigh somewhere between 20kg (small females) and 40kg (large males). When you adopt your greyhound, it's a good idea to ensure you retain weight records provided to you as these often list racing weight and racing weight is usually a good way to estimate correct pet weight.
    A healthy greyhound should not weigh more than five kilograms more than its racing weight.
    If racing weight is unknown, use to...

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    Coat Type
    The coat type of the greyhound is classified as smooth, fur is short and soft and lacking the undercoat present in many other breeds of dog. Because of their thin coat, greyhounds are more susceptible to extreme temperatures.

    Base colours


    Black can be either dominant or recessive. Dominant black will not produce blue, fawn, brindle or particolour pups. Nose leather will always be black.


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    When to clip
    If your dog does a lot of walking on hard surfaces (in particular, concrete), the nails may not need regular clipping at all; or if they do, only the front paws and dew claws. If your dog does not have regular exercise on hard surfaces, itís likely the claws will need at least semi-regular trimming.
    An audible clicking when the dog walks on hard surfaces is generally okay, providing thereís a gap between the dogís claws and the ground when standing still. This can be checked by sliding a sheet of paper beneath the claws, if the paper catches on claw, they...

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    Inherited Disorders


    Factor VIII Deficiency
    Haemophilia A is a blood clotting disorder caused by a mutation of the factor VIII gene, leading to a deficiency in Factor VIII. It is the most common hemophilia.

    Von Willebrand's disease
    Von Willebrand disease (vWD)arises from a qualitative or quantitative deficiency of von Willebrand factor (vWF), a multimeric protein that is required for platelet adhesion. It is known to affect humans and...

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    Other Sighthound Breeds
    With origins in every region of the old world (Africa, Europe and Asia), the sighthound group is one of the oldest amongst dogs with recognisable examples of the type dating back as far as 7000 BC.
    Although most breeds within the type share defining characteristics (as a result of convergent evolution) such as leaner bodies and dolichocephalic (longer than they are wide) heads, there is a considerable amount of variation between breeds, even between breeds of the same region. For example, breeds of the British Isles- compare the Wolfhound to the...

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